Falling in love with a city



I can remember the first time I fell in love like it’s a movie I’ve seen a hundred times.  I had walked into church and saw Travis playing the keyboard, singing his heart out.  I had never met him, I didn’t know who he was but I knew I loved him from the moment I saw him.  Some people deny love at first sight, and no the feelings associated with that moment weren’t the same exact feelings I felt on our wedding day, but I hadn’t felt that way until that moment and I knew our destinies were connected.  Life happens and people make mistakes, unfortunately some mistakes shatter marriages and change the love we feel for another person and ultimately that happened once Travis’ choices led to such destruction.  His choices didn’t erase what I felt for him or saw in him.  What he did wasn’t who he was and I was quick to see that.  At first I believed that it meant we should stay married, that divorce wasn’t the right choice, but eventually I felt the damage was too deep, the destruction too great and the price we would have to pay as a family too much.  As his wife I loved him, as his ex-wife I love him.  He’s still my friend and he’s still the father of my children, a huge support in my life, my love for him is still strong but it’s changed.  

When I landed in Dubai for my second visit in August I fell in love again.  There was something about the smell of the sea and the people from every part of the world that inspired me, gave me energy and drew the passion of art and culture that’s always been in me out.  There are times now when I’m walking down the beach, or sitting outside a restaurant looking at the skyline that my breath is caught and I realize I’m in love with this country.  I’m inspired by the sound of different languages, the beauty of other cultures and the deepness I see in the eyes of those around me. When I gaze at the sea, or stop and listen to the sound of traffic below my building I’m positive my destiny is once again intertwined with something and this time it’s a country.  

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