Changing the world, instead of it changing me

Meeting Travis felt like I was meeting my future.  I wasn’t positive why I felt so drawn to him, but I was positive no matter what my feelings, I was inadequate.  Travis was the golden boy of our church, the recent graduate of Hillsong Leadership College, the talented songwriter with famous friends and pretty much I considered him out of my league.  I’m not sure where it began but at some point in my journey through charismatic christianity I started to feel quite juvenile in my walk with faith.  There was the beginning of my blessed entrance to Pentecostalism where I received the Holy Spirit at a youth camp.  “IT’S THERE SISTER, SPEAK IT,”  the camp preacher bellowed as he shook my head, my hands raised, tears streaming down my face, a desperate craving for the tongue that seemed so elusive and so necessary for my entrance into faith.  Once I received it I expected something more to come out of it, maybe something more earth shattering, visions of heaven, angels or possibly a foreshadow of the one world government*, my deepest fear of my youth.  Unfortunately, nothing like this happened.  I was striving for it, but I just assumed I wasn’t as spiritual as the rest of my vision seeing, slain in the spirit, weeping friends.  Most likely there was something I wasn’t understanding, I probably didn’t read the bible enough and you know my mind really wandered during prayer and praise and worship, I probably just wasn’t pressing in enough and the real spiritual people can pray and sing for around 4-5 hours and I was usually losing focus around 4-5 minutes.  With all these thoughts I still really wanted to be in ministry, I can’t even define what driving force was behind it but I knew I wanted to influence something, somehow.  I took a few steps to begin my world changing ways.  In college, I applied to be a resident advisor, I was denied, alright maybe that’s just not something I’m supposed to do, I thought, it wasn’t “God’s will”, maybe I should be a Chaplain, again denied and this one was really shocking, I mean I told the girl interviewing me I could speak in tongues.  Between these two rejections I had pretty much deducted that I wasn’t really set up for anything too important in life.  Seriously, what great leader or pastor is denied a college position?  At this point in my life I started to line up that something must be wrong with me.  Well, there was that one time I drank 5 rum and cokes at a party and spent the rest of the night throwing up in the bathroom, I bet the interviewer had a check in her spirit about that.  Never mind it was the first and last time up to that point I ever touched alcohol, but there were also the three guys I had kissed, fully clothed with no roaming hands, but this is I kissed dating goodbye days**, pretty much I was the woman at the well in my eyes and probably those of every person around me.  I was supposed to save my lips for my future husband.

Around this time, my middle brother (Trevor) was in a car accident which ended up causing sever brain damage and physical limitations, but I was taught during trials this is the perfect time to press into God, so I did.  I prayed, I recited verses, cried, had friends pray, recite verses, cry.  We were going for a full recovery here.  God had spared his life, now we needed his health.  Trevor woke up, and wasn’t a paraplegic, but I wouldn’t actually say it was a miracle.  He’s alive, but in a different capacity than most would think is rewarding to live.  Why does God miraculously heal some and not others?  Faith obviously, and I apparently didn’t have enough.  I didn’t have enough to save my brother, become a chaplain and most likely really be anything that mattered.  I had screwed up somehow, I didn’t have earth shattering visions and God’s audible voice in my ear, I never fell on the floor moaning in the spirit clutching my belly, I just wasn’t worth it, and I wasn’t going to be anything.

This bizarre controlling spiritual doctrine haunted my mind for the next two years.  There was even a girl at college who after a particularly moving campus church came to me to ask for forgiveness because of how much she judged me and how she basically thought I was a horrible person.  I’m looking back on this and thinking WTF did I do?  How many 23 year old virgins do you know?  And we’re not talking technical virginity here.  We’re talking no oral, no orgasms and NO SEX.  Now I know sex isn’t the only sin, but I’ve never done drugs, I definitely wasn’t a mean person or this huge gossiper that told horrifying stories about people.  I definitely wouldn’t call myself an angel, however most of my friends I tell these stories to now think my few nights of drinking mixed with the occasional “hook-up” (kissing, little roaming of the hands, fully clothedness) is a joke if I call it my “party days”.  This behavior and the odd encounters I continued to have with those much more spiritual than me however solidified in my head that there was no possible way I would ever amount to any sort of spiritual leadership or gifts, and it definitely didn’t amount to me having a chance with the worship pastor at our church.    Now there is a split debate on this topic among those who watched me grow up.  A select number of people believed that Travis wasn’t good enough for me and that I could do better, these people were my parents of course, my youth pastors growing up, a lot of friends from school who found him arrogant and quite a number of other church members who just didn’t care for Travis that much.  However, the spiritual elite at our church saw Travis as their spiritual child and warned Travis that I was “chasing his anointing***”, “controlling” and probably a few of them were hoping their daughters would end up his wife, and they were way more spiritual than I was, much more fit for a pastor’s wife.  I believe even at the next church we went to a girl that attended the same college I had heard some elusive rumor about me which to this day I’m not sure what it was.  Now here I’ve confessed my most horrible grievances so apparently one of them deeply offended someone at college who felt the need to share with this girl, who I feel the need to add shamelessly flirted with Travis right in front of me and even tried to get him to go to dinner with her without me.  Whichever the case I never felt good enough for him and this was solidification after solidification, in fact I think the bible says you only need three people to confirm it.  Let’s face it, at that point I had been drunk like 10 times and with all the extra kissing I had done pre-marriage I was convinced I was the woman at the well and jezebel combined.  I actually think in the charismatic world you can kiss your way out of being a virgin so my hopes for a music pastor husband should have just gone straight down the tubes.

Though I didn’t think he’d ever see anything in me, I still fell hard.  I moved back to Wisconsin after graduation and every time he was near me my heart beat a little faster and those magical butterflies churned excitedly.  I spent the whole summer after graduation imagining I had destroyed my life by going to parties at a neighboring college  during my senior year of college and single handedly ruining any chance of God ever using me or Travis ever noticing me.  I believed I wasn’t good enough for ministry, for Travis, or of ever being significant.  Life had dealt me an interesting hand and I had played it wrong, but it’s not quite how it worked out.

Years later Travis would tell me he fell in love with me the minute he saw me and that he had no hope of me ever reciprocating his feelings.  He said he believed that he would never be good enough for me and I would never notice him.  He told me how he made excuses to be near me, to call me and to find places that we would both be at without making it look like he was looking for me.  After our first date he went home and told his mother he was going to marry me and that he never believed he would be complete in life, in ministry without me by his side.

In a few hours I start my new teaching job.  I’m scared, I’m insecure.  I’m thinking maybe my choices of not keeping up with education and teaching trends are going to give me a disadvantage.  I’m remembering what it’s like to have to explain why I’m divorced at 30 with two children under the age of 3 who don’t see their father and how I’ll mention, yeah it’s horrible but no I don’t hate him, he’s actually still my friend.  I’m looking at my schedule wondering how I’m going to pull it off.  I’m worried about the other teachers liking me, the students liking me, whether or not I’ll like the job or just wish I was back at Starbucks making miracle lattes and the truth is, I need to stop.

I’m happy, I’m nice, I love people, I’m a good mother and all I owe the world is to try and make it a better place.  I chose to change the world by letting my pain become beauty, compassion, and peace and to me this is the right choice.  My life will continue to change the world by me being honest and telling it who I am, what it made me, what I still can become and the best choice for me is to never again let the world change or define who I am and what I was made to be.

*The one world government is a christian doctrine issue that claims that one day there will be just one government in the world  and Christians will be forced to die for their faith, quite scary for a young child to imagine and one of my deepest fears growing up.  

**I kissed dating goodbye is a book that was popular when I was growing up which began an odd doctrine where you never dated anyone or kissed them just one day met them and married them.  It eliminated what christians like to claim ruins marriages which is previous relationships that weren’t destined for marriage.  

***AHHH the elusive anointing.  Super spiritual charismatics like to claim that certain people are more anointed or better than others.  Travis had a gift of singing and writing songs, it was considered his anointing and they were most likely claiming that I was attracted to his gift and the power, or fame it would give me as his wife.  If being invisible counts as fame or power that’s cool, but as any “famous person’s” wife or pastor’s wife and you will know there is no fame or recognition in the position and you are not even seen most of the time.  I recognized that even in my juvenile spiritual youth.  

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